Alexander Ovechkin Net Worth

One of the most famous sport in the world is hockey. To be good hockey player you need a lot of practices and talent.

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Alexander Ovechkin one of the famous person in hockey sport. Alexander Ovechkin is from Russia.

Hockey players earn a lot, no exception and Alexander Ovechkin , here is this person worth:

Alexander Ovechkin Net Worth $60 Million

Main info about Alexander Ovechkin :

Alexander Ovechkin net worth and salary: Alexander Ovechkin is a Russian born hockey star who has a net worth of $60 million. Alexander Ovechkin has had a career in professional hockey that many would kill for, both in his native Russia and here in the United States. In the US he has become particularly famous for his elaborate after-goal celebrations. Ovechkin’s career in hockey, or at least the first sign of it, began when he was two years old. While in a toy store with his parents, he is said to have grabbed a toy hockey stick and refused to let go. It was then that his future as a professional hockey player was first suspected by his supportive parents. At 16, Ovechkin began playing in the Russian Superleague with the team Dynamo Moscow.