John Madden Net Worth

One of the most famous sport in USA is NFL (National Football League). This league is very big and teams of this league is very rich.

John Madden can agree with what, but also this person can say that if you are a good NFL player your worth will be really high! is best place to check your favorite NFL players worth. In this article we are representing John Madden worth!

John Madden one of the most famous person in NFL sport. John Madden is from United States of America.

NFL players earn a lot, no exception and John Madden , here is this person worth:

John Madden Net Worth $200 Million

Main info about John Madden :

John Madden net worth: Boom! John Madden is a legendary NFL player, sportscaster and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $200 million. At the peak of his broadcasting career, John Madden was earning only $5 million a year. A nice sum but not nearly enough to explain his otherworldly riches. The reason Madden is able to drive around the country in a solid gold bus built for an emperor (he is deathly afraid of flying) is because of a little video game franchise put out by EA Sports called Madden NFL. Madden NFL debuted in 1989 and every year since snowballed in popularity to become an absolute video game powerhouse with over 43 million copies of the game sold.